About us

Details. A world within a world. A fabulous kaleidoscope of colors, textures, reflections, that look like magnified fragments of ancient Greek vases, oriental embroideries or modern abstract paintings. A small miracle we usually overlook: the bark of a tree, the shadows cast on a weathered wall, the pebbles shimmering underwater in a timeless Greek shore. Natural forms transformed by the play of light into atmospheric images that stir emotions and evoke memories, surrounding our lives with a veil of magic. For in nature, as in art, even the tiniest subject has its own moments of greatness.

Olia Scarves

At Olia we transform art works into luxurious silk scarves and pareos.

Our story begun when the founder of the brand, Olympia Theofanopoulou first experimented by having her art photographs printed on silk. “When worn, a work of art takes on a new life. The transformation of a static object to a fluid and fleeting moment that can change any minute, is exciting. Photographs thus appear to gain an intangible, ethereal essence, whereas reflections, combined with the insurmountable suppleness of fine silk offer a unique sensation.

Our philosophy


While enjoying the unique feel of the material with your every move, you can also feel the pulse of artistic creation and inspiration that stem from Greece’s rich history and endless natural treasures.

Our concern with detail goes beyond technique – it is primarily a means of combining the artistic element of the photographs with the unique qualities of fine silk so as to produce wearable luxury items that bestow a sense of beauty and elegance to their bearer.

The founder of Olia Scarves, Olympia Theofanopoulou


Olympia Theofanopoulou was born and raised in Athens. She studied archaeological conservation and museum studies in London at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. She followed a career in conservation both in Greece and abroad, having the opportunity to combine her work with her love for the arts and travel. She has had an active interest in photography since her university years. She has exhibited her photographs in 4 solo shows and is the author of 2 photography books («Υλο-ποίηση / Tree poetry », LIBRO Editions 2011 and “About Shadows”, PEAK Editions 2015). In 2017 she became a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and in 2020 she founded OLIA Scarves – a Greek brand and an EU registered trademark.


All the items in our collections, scarfs and pareos, are made out of the purest silk from Soufli, in Northeastern Greece. Soufli has been renowned for its precious silk since Ottoman times and is presently enjoying a revival of its long tradition in sericulture, combining best quality silk with modern digital printing facilities.

Materials for Olia Scarves